19 January, 2015

Another Attempt at Blogging and Another Five Things

One of my New Years resolutions is to give blogging a semi-serious attempt. We'll start off easy with this post.
  1. What I am reading: I just finished A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I'll give it a "Meh, it was better than Twilight." It's your classic witch meets vampire fluffy chick-lit tale. Diana is a witch and a brilliant historian. Matthew is a brooding vampire and genius scientist. They fall for each other in the span of a couple weeks and people are pissed. It's oddly captivating, but I found myself annoyed with Matthew's over-protective, controlling ways (should we call him Edward or Christian?) at several points in the book. It was slow in places and I found myself skimming a lot. Oh. And like that awful book, Twilight, NO SEX. WTF?!?? Maybe a steamy love scene or two would have spiced things up a bit. Maybe Matthew can't get it up in his old age. Who knows?

    I linked to Amazon, but if you decide you want to read this book, please consider purchasing from a local bookstore, or even a big corporate bookstore in your community. I know it is super easy and convenient to purchase something in a few clicks, but bookstores are struggling. Buying local keeps your money in your community and creates jobs. Besides, isn't it fun to browse the tables and shelves to see what else may strike your fancy?
  2. What I am listening to: A dear friend of mine turned me on to The New Pornographers. They fall into that ambiguous indie rock genre. I've been humming "Sing Me Spanish Techno" from their Twin Cinema album for days.
  3. What I am eating: I started eating a mostly paleo/grain-free diet a couple of years ago. I feel great and I've lost nearly 45 pounds (I also count calories on MyFitnessPal)! I find I don't miss bread and pasta all that much. I don't crave sweets like I used to- when I have a "cheat meal" or dessert, I often feel sick after and it just doesn't taste as good as it once did. I include dairy and drink the occasional beer because beer is awesome. This veggie and meatball soup recipe has been a staple for me this winter. I like making up a big thing of soup so I can take it for lunch during the work week.
  4. What I am drinking: I love beer, but I have recently been turned on to ciders. I totally dig the Stella Artois Cidre. It's dry and crisp and not too sweet. It's a nice, light alternative to beer.
  5. What I am wearing: As mentioned above, I've lost nearly 45 pounds, so I have pretty much purchased a whole new wardrobe this winter. The Limited is one of my new favorite stores and I think I need this shirt. They often have 40-50% off sales, so you can pick up stuff on the cheap! 

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